Love God Greatly: Everlasting Covenant


Throughout the Bible, God related to humanity through covenants, or promises. We see the very first one in Genesis 2 where God set up a covenant of works. If Adam and Eve kept God’s laws things would go well with them, but if they broke God’s laws things would not go so well with them. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve broke this covenant of works and it caused all kinds of destruction, decay, and death. 

Praise be to the Lord that He did not end the story there! Instead, God implemented a new covenant. This one is called the Covenant of Grace. Instead of depending on people to obey God’s laws, this new promise is solely dependent on God. 

Throughout the Old Testament God established many smaller covenants that pointed to this great Covenant of Grace. The promise He made to Noah was one of these covenants. After the earth was wiped out through a flood, sparing only Noah and his family, God made a beautiful and important promise to Noah. Never again would God destroy the earth through a global flood. He will preserve nature so seasons will continue (8:22) and people will flourish so that one day, the Redeemer of all that is broken will come and save His people from sin. 

Thank You, Lord, for having mercy on us, a people who are not able to keep your commandments the way they should be kept. Thank You for providing for us with a Savior who kept the law for us, saved us from our sin, and will come again to establish His kingdom with us. That is true grace. Amen.


The SOAP Bible Study Method is a simple yet in-depth way to study Scripture. SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.

S – Write out the verses by hand, at least one time.

O – Observe the passage carefully and note what you see. Note themes, relevant background information, literary devices, or questions you may have.

A – After observing the passage, determine the main message or truth of the passage. What action can you take today in light of this truth?

P – Pray through what you have learned, asking God to help you accurately apply His Word to your life.