In but Not Of: Living in the Tension of Hope to Come

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Day 1

Think About It

We often think of heaven as a place, and rightly so. In John 14, Jesus says He is going to prepare a place for us. Sometimes we overemphasize the where of heaven. Heaven will be a perfect place where we have a perfect relationship with God. The person makes the place.

Jesus says eternal life is knowing Him and God. Heaven isn’t so much about a place as it is a person. Heaven, without God, wouldn’t be heaven.

We feel the tension between here and heaven because not everything is as it should be. We want to get to heaven because we want a life without trouble. Jesus focuses our attention on our relationship with the Father over the absence of trouble.

The tension between here and heaven should drive us closer to God. Trouble should make us long to be perfectly in God’s presence. The good news is Jesus’ ministry was to make God known to us so we could have a taste of that relationship now!

In the midst of the tension where we feel of a not-so-perfect earthly home, God is with us to remind us we have a perfect home with Him.

Live It Out

•  Write a “No More” list. This is a list of things you won’t have to worry about in heaven. For example: no more cancer, no more elections, no more tears, etc.

Spend a few minutes in silence. Calm your mind. Ask God to be near to you. Admit you need help because of the troubles of this world. Maybe imagine Jesus sitting down in the room with you, putting a hand on your shoulder, or giving you a hug.