Reflecting the Refiner in Business

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Demonstrating God’s Purity In Business

Kingdom entrepreneurs are called to operate a business in a way that is holy and set apart, consecrated to God for His special use with holy purpose and motives. It's often a stark contrast to the world’s way of doing business. 1 Peter 1:15 says, "But as he who called you as holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, since it is written you shall be holy for I am holy." This is made possible not in your strength, but by the enabling power of God’s grace. This is made possible by staying rooted in the wisdom of God’s word rather than the wisdom of the business culture. The wisdom of God is pure and yields godly fruit. As a Kingdom entrepreneur, you have access to the scripture as well as the flowing wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit. 

The marketplace desperately needs to experience entrepreneurs with clean hands and pure hearts who serve as a sign and wonder on the Earth. The world needs more Kingdom entrepreneurs who not only are pursuing business profits to fund good works and advance the message of the gospel, but are also representing the purity of Jesus Christ, the center of the gospel.

Allow the Holy Spirit to help you, encourage your heart, and engage you in greater intimacy and alignment with God’s heart and His ways in business. Don’t just do business FOR the glory of God, but do business WITH God and exhibit the light of Christ through the operations of your business and in your interactions with others through the work that you do.