As He Spoke to Me I Was Strengthened

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How blessed are we that our Father and Creator opens our eyes to the same encouragement He gives Daniel? For we, like he who loves God, also cry out to our Lord in our distress. We see Daniel as an example of faith under fire in this passage. He sees the destruction and devastation coming upon the people he loves.

Although our circumstances may be different, we too see havoc upon us. As we undergo illness, distress, loss, and heartache in our own lives, and in the lives of those we love, we cry out to the Lord. 

Therefore, we have hope as we read this passage, because God always sends comfort and reassurance when we cry out to Him. Daniel’s vision of what will happen to his people in the latter days is devastating. The truth of the conflict in the vision causes him to lose his appetite and mourn for three weeks. 

When we receive devastating news or undergo a health crisis, we too can be in the same distress. Weak and wondering, Daniel sees the messenger of God coming to reassure him in his time of need. Terrified, he falls to his knees. He displays an example of where our posture before the Lord will be when we face Him in our darkest hour. 

Moreover, emotional pain and heartache from physical loss can take our breath away and remove our words. However, when we come trembling before God with the devastation of it, He sees our misery. The doubt, fear, and debility are laid before Him. Unseen, our spirit cries out. Exhausted and exposed to our own vulnerability, we fully submit our warring emotions to Him. 

As a result, we slowly feel a warmth in the pit of our soul spread like a soothing balm to calm our tumultuous emotions. God hears our cries and sees our surrender to Him. Jesus picks up the pieces laid before Him and methodically puts them in order as the Comforter envelopes us with new courage.