Catechism: Seeking Self-Awareness

Day 1 of 3 • This day’s reading


Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve explored some misconceptions about mental illness, seen that sin is the root of all suffering, and glimpsed the incredible glory that God promises is in store for us as believers.

But what about today?

Is there anything you can do to navigate the impact of your daily circumstances and to navigate through the daily challenges?

The answer is a resounding yes!

In the first of today’s passages, we are reminded that God has given us everything necessary for spiritual health. Step by step, aspect by aspect, in response to God’s promises, we are to add qualities like self-control, endurance, godliness, and love to our faith.

But is this something we do for God? The second passage quickly dispels that misconception. 

Spiritual maturity and health come from life with God. If we try to do this on our own, we are quickly broken by the strain. It is from our closeness to Christ and reliance on his Spirit that we fulfill all the potential he has woven within us.

So what’s the next step?

It is revealed in the first quality mentioned—knowledge. 

Do you know your areas of strength? What are your potential areas of weakness? 

Knowing yourself or being self-aware can equip you to handle each day with strength and a healthy perspective.

Sometimes, it is mature to recognize you need to step back and examine what you are experiencing.

Are you prone to feelings of isolation? How have you combatted loneliness in the past?

How do the seasons affect you? Do you notice yourself giving in to melancholy when you haven't seen the sun or are under a great deal of academic pressure?

Recognizing the root of your feelings and knowing what has lifted your spirits in the past will help you decide to engage in physical activity or to seek a change of surroundings or a friend's company.  

  • How well do you know yourself? Can you easily identify the circumstances that bring you down and the ones that lift you up?

  • What is one thing you can “add” today that will change your attitude and/or experience?