Calm: How to Manage Stress & Anxiety

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There’s Too Much To Worry About


  • What causes you stress and anxiety? 

  • Have the things you’ve worried about turned out the way you expected?


There are many things in our lives that cause us stress. While some things are legitimate problems, others turn out to be nothing at all. The worrying that we do results in a lot of wasted time and emotional energy.

Stress comes from thinking about the worst possible outcomes when we don’t even know what the future will hold. That’s why Jesus tells us to not worry about tomorrow. It doesn’t benefit us and won’t change the future. And in the context of this passage, Jesus reminds us that God will take care of us.


  • Throughout your week, write down the things that you are anxious about. Review them later on and see which ones turned out the way you expected.

  • Whenever you start worrying about anything beyond today, redirect your focus on how you can make the most of the present moment.  If there is action you can take, do it!  Otherwise, focus only on today.