Doing Life Together

Community Is A Necessity

We all know there is a big difference between what we want and what we need. We WANT friends that agree with us, watch sports, and make us feel good. What we NEED are friends that celebrate our victories, mourn our losses, and get into our business. Friends like this are a necessity. We need them because they support and motivate us to run the race that God has set before us.

God created friendship as a support system that helps us make and keep Christ as our first priority, protect and encourage us when Satan or others tell us we are worthless, and help us up when we fall. These types of relationships are meant to help us survive a world that is full of tragedy and pain. These friends are there to fight for us…in person, on the phone, and through prayer, and when God doesn’t make sense. Even in good times, we need friends to celebrate with, make life decisions with, and simply have fun with.

It’s easy to excuse the need for these deep friendships. I know, I have done it for years. I had Jesus. I had my husband. I went to church. I read my Bible. I had people to “hang out with.” Eventually, though, what I found that I didn’t have was someone to support me through infertility treatments, my dad being sick, and being on bed rest with twins. I needed a deep, God-centered community around me! I needed them to fight for me when I was too tired to even pray. I needed them to listen and encourage me when I doubted. I needed them to hug me when I was depressed. And I needed them by my side to celebrate when my children were born and when I speak at events to encourage me.

We all need this type of community! Don’t let another season of life go by before you start to take serious the need to surround yourself with people that help you live life to the fullest.