The Art of Neighbouring Part 2

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In today’s context, a “Good Samaritan” is anyone who goes out of their way to help someone else.  The term has become a symbol of action, meaning someone has acted with amazing kindness or acted by going the extra mile. 

Jesus’s telling of the Parable of the Good Samaritan wasn’t just a response to the questions being posed by the expert of the law.  It was a valuable teaching of truth that is as applicable now as in the days of the New Testament. The expert was hoping to “test” Jesus’s knowledge of the law through the question so as to justify his own interpretations and motives of heart.  However, he received an unexpected lesson in mercy.    

Three men were traveling the same direction, each seeing the same injured man on the side of the road.  Two made the choice to pass by and leave the man to die.  One chose to respond in an act of extreme kindness.  He didn’t factor the risks or weigh out his options.  He wasn’t concerned with whether he would be repaid for his kindness or even if others would know.  He simply saw a man in desperate need and acted upon it.  Through his actions, the Samaritan ultimately saved the man’s life.  

What is our response to those in need around us?  Do we see them but make excuses for why we cannot help?  Do we choose to look away because their circumstances make us feel uncomfortable?  Or do we, like the Samaritan, take the time to respond, in whatever way we can? 

Today, let’s spend time praying and asking the Lord to show us His heart for those around us and give us the boldness to respond.