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Mint Chip: A Rested BodySample

Mint Chip: A Rested Body

DAY 1 OF 6

Devotional Content:

Each day there is the need to sleep, recharge physically and arise to new opportunities. We do not have super-power energy sources within us like that seen in comics or sci-fi movies. We are designed to sleep and to rest - as part of the daily cycle of life. Of course, we are created to fulfill purpose, have relationship with our Father God and make an impact in our world. A full realization of this is only possible when we operate within our physical design and align to the source of life we can depend on; the Spirit of God.


“Father, teach me the value of physical rest and your intention for life. I desire to fulfill the purpose for which you created me, to have a rich and deep relationship with you and have the impact in my world that you created me for. Thank you Jesus, for being the source of my life, my vitality and I recognize value in physical rest! Let your ever flowing spring flow through me. Amen”

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Mint Chip: A Rested Body

Do you feel tired? Do you need rest? That may just be exactly what you need! Whether you are looking for a reset of your thoughts on the subject of rest so that you stop feeling guilty for taking it, or, you need the beg...


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