The Blessing Devotional Plan by Kari Jobe

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


A Fresh Encounter

When God put the vision for this album on my heart, I immediately found myself expectant and was reminded of the Israelites at the Red Sea. 

I can only imagine the fear and uncertainty they were facing at that moment. Their enemy, the Egyptians, were closing in on them from behind. The Red Sea, a seemingly immovable obstacle, was before them. They had no other options.

But God.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, He split the Red Sea. He decimated their enemy before their very eyes. And on the other side, they rejoiced. Moses wrote a song of celebration and God gave strength to His people.

I believe He wants to do the same thing today. And if you feel like the Israelites – wearied by obstacles, overwhelmed by setbacks and enemies, take heart.

The God who split the Red Sea is with you. The God who overcame the Egyptians wants to give you hope. The God who led the Israelites into their Promised Land wants to deliver you out of your struggle. And it’s my prayer that during this next week, you would experience a fresh encounter with His love and presence.