Made Whole #6 - Driven Lifestyle

Made Whole #6 - Driven Lifestyle

DAY 5 OF 6


The value God places on human life is critical to our own measurements of worth. It is not enough for the good of our hearts to think only materially, professionally, and finitely. As Jesus gave up himself to redeem humanity, so too we must first give up our selfish nature.


Pray in a quiet place: Jesus, I again commit myself to you, and invite you to shape and reshape my thinking so that I see and recognize your plans of value and worth in this world through my life. Come, Holy Spirit. Amen.

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Made Whole #6 - Driven Lifestyle

This six-day devotional provides an alternate approach to the drive of 21st century living. Begin to address this critical challenge which often prohibits focus on God’s timing and desire for living life with six-days-st...

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