The Syllabus For Life's Course



A syllabus is a document that instructors distribute to students outlining the professor’s plan and instructional methods that will be utilized to ensure: student knowledge, understanding, and application of the course. Within the syllabus instructors indicate the course’s description, requirements, expectations, learning outcomes, and more. Usually instructors provide syllabi to students on the first day of a new course to explain content and to confirm student understanding for academic success.                                        

As a professor and former student in higher education I’ve received and distributed many syllabi. There were many times as a student that I didn’t follow the instructions that my instructor stated on the syllabus and suffered the negative unnecessary consequences of following my plan and not the instructor’s plan.  

Similarly, God has provided a syllabus for all of his children to follow and that is, The Bible. The Bible is the syllabus for the course of our life.  Within the Bible our instructor, GOD has outlined his plan, instructional methods to ensure our success in life as we gain knowledge, understanding, and the application of HIS word.

GOD is our instructor and HE requires us to follow HIS syllabus for God honoring-success. We are called as students to follow HIS syllabus by carefully and thoroughly reading, studying, and completing each assignment stated in order to successfully advance to the next course on our destined plan.  God’s syllabus will serve valuable to our overall advancement when properly followed, studied, and reviewed.                                                    


Our Heavenly Father, Thank you for providing the Syllabus for my life, your Holy Word! LORD I ask for wisdom as I follow your plan for my life’s course. Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light for my path and I strive to be careful to do everything written in it.  In Jesus name, AMEN.