Real Mature: What You Can Do to Grow Your Faith

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What do you think of when you see the word “roots?" Do you think about something sticking up from the ground? Maybe the real color of your hair? Sorry, I went there. Seriously, roots have a way of revealing themselves and sometimes that is a good thing and other times, not so good. 

God’s Word gives us some really great wisdom and a strong warning about roots. In Matthew chapter 13, Jesus tells a parable. A parable is a story with meaning. In this parable, Jesus talks about a farmer sowing seeds that fall on the ground. Some seeds fell in places that were not a good environment for them to grow.  Jesus unpacks what this parable means in Matthew 13:18-23. Take a minute to read his explanation.

The quality of the soil affects the growth of the seeds. Your roots matter. Jesus specifically said the good soil is someone who hears the word and understands it. It’s as simple as listening and learning from Him. The more you do, the more you grow. The more we choose not to listen and seek to understand Him, the more we fall away and become unfruitful. That means there are things He wants to grow in us if we take the time to root ourselves in Him.

Think about it: 

How are your roots? Are you taking time to listen to and learn from Him? 

Which of the “soils” would best describe you right now? Which one do you want to be? 

Jesus says that good soil produces a big crop. That means that as we connect with him he has more for us. So what about you? What would you like to see Him grow in you? What would be some good crops to come out of your life if you focused on being good soil? 


God, thank you that you care enough about me that you want me to have healthy roots in you. Help me to have an open heart, a listening ear, and a teachable spirit to you so I can grow into the person you have me here to be. Thank you for your grace and mercy. At times I might have been bad soil, yet you still love me. Help me, Jesus, to be someone that is good soil. Amen.