James: Faith in Action


Finding Joy

How often have you found joy in hard times? Think about when you’ve been sick, or you’ve been treated unfairly by a friend or teacher, or when you have one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right. How do you respond?

In the beginning of this book, James—Jesus’s own brother—says we should consider the trials we face in life a joy. Why? He tells us that it’s during the hard times, when we have to hold onto our trust in God, that we learn to persevere and see our faith mature. In fact, he says that when life is at its lowest, and you have nothing to show-off or be proud about, but still persevere in trusting God, that’s when you are truly blessed.

The trials we face in this world can be hard, and it’s okay to feel sad as you go through them. Joy isn't about feeling happy when things go wrong, but knowing that even as bad stuff happens that God is with you. The great news is that God has something better waiting for us if we persevere in our faith in Jesus: an eternal and joyful life with Him.


  1. What’s a hard time you’re going through at the moment or have been through recently? Looking at verses 2-4, how do you think God wants you to respond to it?

  2. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it seems like everything is going wrong, but take a look at verse 12. What’s God promised us that we can look forward to? How could that help you keep persevering in faith and trusting him?

  3. How could you help a friend going through a hard time? What do you know about God’s love that you could share with them?


Loving Father, thank you that even during the hard times and trials of life You’re working in me to make me more like Jesus. Please help me to persevere and to rely on You, remembering the promises You’ve given me so that I might always find joy in You. Amen.