Grief From Loss- A 7- Day Devotional

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


Moments after you suffer the loss of your baby, hopelessness begins to creep into your heart. Even though the room is filled with people, you feel alone. Everyone is sad, but no one understands the depth of your sadness. We want so badly to describe to others the pain that we feel when they ask how you are doing. The only words that seem to flow out are, “I am okay, or I am trying to stay strong.” Deep within, your heart is shattered; you are in a deep state of confusion, and you wonder if this is truly your reality. You are wounded, and comfort and healing feel like they are a long way off. 

I want you to understand that this is normal, and healing will not come overnight. You must allow yourself to grieve, but you must also trust the hope that is given in the scripture for today. This verse reminds us that the Lord heals our broken heart, and He binds our wounds. I believe the Lord began His healing work in our hearts the moment our baby ascended to heaven. He knows and understands just how painful death can be, especially emotionally. Today I want you to focus on two words, “He heals.” When the tears fill your eyes and all of the unanswered questions pierce your heart, hold onto the hope that “He heals” and even now, though you don’t feel it, the Lord is working on your behalf.

Practical Tip: Purchase a journal and begin to write out what you are thinking and feeling emotionally. Once you are done, write out the scripture verse and ask God to allow His truth to work in your heart. When you are grieving, it is hard to explain to others exactly what you are feeling, but when you put pen to paper, you can express yourself however you like. Also, you will be able to reflect on your progress.

Journaling changed my life and allowed me to see the progress of the Lord, “truly binding my wounds and healing my heart."