Be a Game Changer

Day 1 of 6 • This day’s reading


What’s a Game Changer?

“Game changer.” You’ve heard that term before, right? Example: You used to sit around bored in the afternoons until you learned how to make your own slime. Game changer! Now you’re never bored (and your carpets are always a little crusty). 

Watch this “Loop Show Reacts” video to see a few more game changers!

Okay, okay. Now you’re probably wondering what in the world these game-changing inventions are doing in your Bible Plan. Well, here’s why we’re talking about them. 

Sometimes, something comes along and totally reshapes how we do things. This Bible Plan is actually going to talk about someone who came along and totally reshaped how we do things. We, as in, absolutely anyone and everyone who decides to trust and follow this game-changing person! 

Can you guess who that game changer is? Yup! It’s Jesus! He’s the ultimate game changer. 

Over the next five days, you’ll explore what your own reaction is to Jesus and His game-changing life, death, and resurrection. As a follower of Jesus, you probably know you’re supposed to share your faith in Him with others. But why? And how? Don’t worry—you’ll learn why, and you’ll learn some great ways to share your reaction. Some of the ways may even surprise you! 

Ask yourself: What’s an invention that would be really hard to live without? How would my life be different if I didn’t have that thing? How would the world be different if no one had that thing?  

Challenge yourself: Grab a piece of paper and something to write with. Now write down all the ways your life is different because you know, follow, and love Jesus. Be specific and think hard! Things like, “I don’t yell at my brother even though he gets on my nerves. I follow Jesus’ example and practice forgiveness a lot more than I would if I hadn’t decided to follow Jesus.” 

Pray: God, thank You for all the ways You’re changing me and everyone who follows You. You are just so good, and You’ve changed my life for the better in countless ways. Help me to learn how to share Your game-changing goodness in special and memorable ways. In Jesus’ name, amen.