The Lord's Prayer Explained


The Lord’s Prayer Belongs to the Disciples

One of the first biblical texts people memorize in childhood is the Lord’s Prayer. Almost everyone in our culture, whether they live a Christian life or not, knows this biblical passage by heart. It is even recited at secular funerals by all attendees. The Lord’s Prayer is, of course, essential for Christians. When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, the Lord’s Prayer was his instruction.

There are several questions about the Lord’s Prayer that need to be answered. Why is this text the model of prayer used by Jesus? Is it a prayer we should continuously pray verbatim? Or is this prayer an example that should serve as the basis for all our prayers? This devotional answers such questions and teaches other important truths about the Lord’s Prayer.

First, we need to understand that the Lord’s Prayer is called so because it was given by Jesus. However, it should really be understood as the disciples’ prayer because we are the ones to whom it is given. There is an element of this prayer that our Lord Jesus could not possibly pray. The prayer asks for forgiveness of sins, or trespasses; however, Christ was sinless. Therefore, this prayer really belongs to us, His disciples. We benefit from using it as our prayer model; this is how we ought to pray. 

The Lord’s Prayer is God’s answer to our hearts’ longing to pray. One of the first signs of salvation is our desire to connect with our heavenly Father through prayer. Moreover, once we become born again, we sense our inadequacy; we want to pray correctly. There is not a single genuinely saved Christian in this world who does not desire to grow in prayer. Every believer wants to pray more and better than they do. The greatest desire for improvement, even for many pastors and ministers, is to improve in prayer. 

Whether you are a seasoned Christian or a new believer, the Lord’s Prayer is the model you can use to help you build a closer relationship with God. You can memorize it and pray it by heart. However, it is even better to study what it teaches and use it as a model for all your prayers. This devotional teaches you how to use the Lord’s Prayer as your prayer model.