Blooming Wonderful

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Pull out the Weeds

I gave up all that inferior stuff so I could know Christ personally. – Philippians 3:10a, MSG 

There is so much inferior stuff in this supercharged, modern-day world in which we live. Distractions and temptations like choking weeds loom over our lovely lives for which Christ died. The Apostle Paul made the decision to give up all that stuff so that He could know Christ personally. This is a beautiful invitation if we are to fully embrace our new creation in Christ. How different life would be if believers shared their lives and showed people the excellence of a living God and the freshness of good living. The world would look at Christians differently if we showed them our lives: the life of a bountiful believer, like the beauty of a garden in full bloom. John 10:10 talks about the abundant life in Christ. This is one of the reasons Christ gave His life for you and me. To live any less than a bountiful life is a sign that we are still living with weeds growing in our garden. What weeds do you need to pull out today? 

As a bountiful believer, there is so much good news to share. Share His love in your own unique way. Spread the hope He gives for your present and your future with others. Let people experience your joy as you walk in His peace. The Holy Spirit and your faith are a powerful combination for the spread of hope. Hope drenches others with the awareness of His presence. A soft eye, a genuine smile, a warm touch, a sincere word of affirmation, inspired correction, and thoughtful direction shared in a gentle but confident way all bloom in their own way. God has need of you to be weed-free and to be blooming wonderful for Him and His Kingdom.

Then the godly shall shine as the sun in their Father’s Kingdom. Let those with ears, listen! – Matthew 13:43, TLB