7 Keys To Constant Miracles

7 Keys To Constant Miracles

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Key 6: Go Out and GET It!

Sometimes, people who want miracles sit around and think, "Okay, God, I've prayed. Now, I'm going to stay right here and wait until You make it happen." However, that method isn't Biblical—and nothing will happen if that is your miracle strategy.

Prayer should come before action, but action is still necessary if you want to live in a river of miracles from the Lord.

The Bible tells us that "Faith without works is dead" (James 2:14-26).  

Throughout Scripture, we read that God doesn't want us to sit around and wait for Him to move while we do nothing. Jesus actually told us that the (spiritually) violent people go out and take His Kingdom BY FORCE:

"And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force" (Matthew 11:12).

Jesus wasn't talking about physical violence in this verse. He was talking about aggressively going after the promises of God and seeking out their manifestation. We have to chase God's promises, knitting all the wisdom and success strategies from His Word together into one cohesive action plan—and then we have to carry out the plan! 

Jesus also commanded us to ask, seek, and knock when we want something (Matthew 7:7-11). 

In order to receive anything, first, you must ask for it. Yes, you must ask God; but you must ask people, as appropriate, too! 

That doesn't mean that you're supposed to ask people to do a thing for you. No; you're supposed to ask God to do the thing for you; but, then, follow up on your prayers by asking people the appropriate questions you need to ask so you can move forward with your action plan.

For example, this year, my ministry launched a prophetic hub in the financial district here in my hometown. 

It was a  miracle of asking, seeking, and knocking from beginning to end. 

When the Lord put it in my heart to open such a facility, I didn't know at first where it should be located. I had to look at a lot of real estate listings—and contact a number of property managers—in order to rule out various locations. 

When I finally identified the office suite we ended up leasing, I couldn't get the property owners to answer my calls for a long time. However, I asked, sought, and knocked. I was persistent, and I chased them down! 

Eventually, my persistence paid off:

  • We got all the information we needed; 

  • We found favor with the property managers;

  • The people of God joined with me to fund the project; and 

  • We opened a Holy Spirit-filled prophetic hub inside the prettiest, best-situated high-rise office building in town—and we're reaching people all over the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ from that hub! 

Glory, hallelujah!

But my story isn't unique. My story can be your story, and your story can be a thousand times better.

When you begin birthing a dream, remember this:

The Lord will help you, but that doesn't mean things won't be hard. I can almost guarantee you that chasing your dream WILL be hard at first. 

Why? Because the enemy does not want you to get started on your dream. He wants to hinder and obstruct you as you begin chasing your miracle.

The easiest place for the devil to beat you (if you let him) is at the very beginning of your process. I believe the enemy knows full-well that, after you've been winning by faith for a few years, it's impossible to stop you. However, if he can get you at the beginning, then he might be able to keep you from starting again or ever even trying—and thereby steal your dream.

Don't let that happen. 

The worst warfare may be at the beginning, but don't let difficulty stop you. No matter what, push through

Just like birthing a baby, you can't stop just because things are challenging. You can't stop when there's pain. No matter what, hold onto the promises of God and push through:

  • Kick the doors down. Pound them down if you have to.

  • Keep kicking and keep knocking, day in and day out. 

  • Be resolute in your dreams. Refuse to give up!

  • Keep asking, keep seeking, and keep knocking!

  • Act! Hustle!

  • And pray this the whole time: "Lord, I ask you to bring me into contact with the right things, and deliver me from all the wrong things. Open the right doors for me, but close all the other doors. Help me follow You as we carry out Your will on the earth."

The enemy might tempt you to get discouraged when the process is hard, but push through. 

If doors aren't opening for you yet, it only means that you haven't asked at the right place or for the right thing yet. If nothing is working, you haven't knocked enough yet—or you haven't sought the right thing yet. 

However, if you persist, doors will open. Opportunities will come, and your dream will be fulfilled.

Beloved, if you're going to see your miracle happen, ask—and you shall receive. 

Seek—and you shall find. Knock—and that door shall be opened to you. Faith without works is dead, so go out and GET your miracle today!

Where do you need to ask, seek, and knock today? Take your action steps right now, and see what God does for you!

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7 Keys To Constant Miracles

Your life can be a rolling snowball of constant miracles—one breakthrough, one miracle, one dream fulfilled after another. Here are the seven Biblical keys YOU can use to get your breakthroughs and miracles started!

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