What God Expects From Us

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To Know God Is Your Priority

God is looking for the man or woman who thirsts to know Him. He is looking for the person who longs to be close to Him, to be one of His intimates, to know Him personally. Such a person is not fascinated by wisdom, money, or riches. This person will not love the things the world loves. He or she will not be overly impressed by the wealthy and the powerful, nor be awed by those who are mighty in athletic performance, nor be unduly moved by scholars and writers who accumulate degrees and publish works.

No, this is the person who has caught a glimpse of glory and who breathes the breath of eternity. Someone who has seen God and never recovered. One who is impressed with God Himself, the Creator, not with His creatures. One who longs to know God, understand God, and be close to God, who knows that God is the Lord, the almighty, and sovereign God. Someone who knows that God is the God of steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth. One who knows that God is good and great and that it is the privilege of our lives to know this God.

Where are people like this? The people who thirst to know God. To know God is our highest good and deepest joy. To know God is more life-giving and soul-thrilling than anything else. To know God is our purpose, our mission, and our life. To know God is the glory of human life.