Joseph's Life Story


Dreams from God are meaningful

God can communicate with people in various ways. The Bible tells us about God talking to people in an audible voice, through a supernatural vision, through a blinding light or thunder, and so on. And today we read about Joseph (not to be confused with Mary’s husband Joseph in Matthew 2) having a prophetic dream. Twice, he dreamed how all of his brothers bowed before him; the first time in the form of sheaves and the second time in the form of stars.

Joseph himself shared his dreams enthusiastically, but his brothers “hated him even more for his dreams and for his words”. Father Jacob didn’t like the dreams either, but he “kept the saying in mind”. Apparently, he somehow understood that these were not ordinary dreams. And indeed, decades later the dreams came true in a way that none of the individuals involved could have foreseen (see Genesis 42:6).

Nowadays, God can still speak through dreams, although this is rare. Far more often, He speaks to us through his Word, the Bible. Do you pay attention to what He is saying, and keep his words in mind like Jacob did?