Bible Explorer for the Young (Nehemiah)


Christ’s Selflessness

1 Corinthians 10:24

No one should try to do what will help only himself. He should try to do what is good for others.

Nehemiah was a Jewish cupbearer to a king named Artaxerxes. A cupbearer was a high-rank official in charge of serving the king and he lived comfortably in the city. When Nehemiah received news about Jerusalem’s wall being broken, he was so downcast. This made the king ask him what was bothering him. Nehemiah told him what had happened and requested his permission to go and repair the wall. King Artaxerxes granted Nehemiah’s request.

When Nehemiah was in Jerusalem, he did not live as comfortably as he used to live. He was only with a few other men and he had to examine the wall of Jerusalem and figure out what he could do. He had to do it only at night to avoid any suspicion from others. 

Nehemiah left his comfortable life in order to help the Israelites rebuild the wall. He was a selfless man. 

Sometimes, we might get tempted to be selfish but when God’s love lives in our hearts, it will not be that hard to choose to be selfless. Jesus Himself has shown us His selflessness. He came from Heaven to earth to sacrifice His life for all of us.


Dear Jesus, teach me to be selfless like You. Please guide and help me to be a selfless person to the people around me. Amen.