God Is With You Every Day


A Prayer… of Praise

Father, you are so worthy of it all—my attention, praise, worship, and love. Your works are amazing, beyond anything I can even express.

Help me be a light that shines toward you today. It is often hard for me to stand out from the world and be different. Give me the courage to make your goodness known and to never be ashamed.

Please give peace to my friends who are standing up for you and as a result have found themselves friendless or with few who understand them.

I thank you for your wonderful works and all that you have done and will do.

In the glorious name of Jesus Christ, amen.

From Max Lucado's new 365-day devotional God Is With You Every Day [2015] Learn more at www.thomasnelson.com/god-is-with-you-every-day