Should Christians Date Online?


Dating Online

Everyone wants a happily ever after. Finding the right life partner is a concern for any single individual who wants to get married. Many believers have questions about building a romantic relationship that is God-honoring in today’s ungodly society. Christians want to date properly. One of the most common questions for believers concerns online dating. Is it OK for Christians today to date via the internet? 

Of course, there was no internet when the Scriptures were written, so there are no specific biblical instructions concerning online dating. We can be certain of one thing: there is no sin in meeting a potential romantic partner via the Web. Dating websites are just virtual meeting places. The Bible does not instruct us on where we are supposed to meet our significant other; it does provide us with guidelines on how to date once we meet such an individual. 

The Bible instructs us on how to date in a God-honoring fashion. First, we are to date with serious intentions, to see if the person we are interested in can be a potential spouse. The Scriptures say that we are to treat others the way we ourselves want to be treated. This is true about any relationships we have, including the romantic ones. We do not want others to play with our feelings and treat us as a temporary fling. So, we should not do that to anyone either. We should stick to friendships until we are ready for a romantic relationship that can potentially lead to marriage. 

Most importantly, Christians should only date other believers. The Bible is very clear about this. The Scripture states that believers cannot be yoked with unbelievers because there is nothing in common between righteousness and wickedness; light and darkness have no fellowship. Christian dating should lead to marriage. Marriage is the closest, most bonding relationship two individuals can have. Christians should not marry unbelievers; therefore, Christians can only date fellow Christians. 

Thus, there is nothing wrong with online dating if the person you are meeting is also a believer. Today, there are dating sites designed specifically for Christians. Believers can date online. However, they need to be honest about their faith, as well as careful and intentional about their online connections. Christians should start everything they do with prayer. Therefore, you need to pray that God will allow you to meet a goodly individual if you engage in online dating.