The Ways of Prosperity


 God Wants You to Prosper Relationally 

Relationships are the conduit to every good thing in life, and no one is better at relationships than God. In the beginning, God declared that it is not good for us to be alone. He wanted a family and blessed humanity to be fruitful and multiply. His vision for us is fruitfulness and blessing from having relationships with Him and others. Healthy relationships are a big blessing. The scientific research is clear that they impact us in powerful ways and are associated with higher self-esteem, joy, decreased stress, and even better physical health including increased longevity and a stronger immune system.

But God already knew this! God’s vision for our relationships is apparent throughout His Word. Ephesians 6:1–3 reminds us that our relational choices can contribute to us enjoying a long life. Hebrews 10:24–25 reminds us that relationships lead to increased good deeds and encouragement. He created relationships for building long-term mutual rewards like camaraderie, connection, productivity, love, fruitfulness, and so many other blessings. He is the master architect who can teach us how to build unique and essential highways of communication, monuments of experience, and bridges of love. 

God also knows more than any of us that relationships can be stressful and painful. In fact, none of us has been hurt by humans more than God. No one has had their love tested more. Whatever loss, disappointment, or pain you have endured in relationships, Jesus knows that pain as well. And He wants to lead you through it because He knows the way. He knows better than ever how to help us move from pain to prosperity. He knows how to lead us to a place of overcoming in heart, soul, and mind.

Invite God to share His vision with you and help you think about what your relationships could be. With our eternal calling in mind, let’s build relationships that can withstand the test of time and of which our Master Architect would be proud.