The Secret Power Of Abiding

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Sometimes your greatest revelation of Jesus is likely to come in the midst of your most hopeless situation. Your greatest kingdom encounter will come when you are at your lowest point emotionally, spiritually and physically. Your greatest manifestation of Christ will come when He seems the furthest away. It’s not necessarily going to come by going to church or during a small group study. It will come when you seek His presence.

Your eyes will be opened to Jesus and all He is, both in you and for you when you are hanging out in His presence, watching Him and keeping your eyes focused on His every move. 

More often than not, Jesus will reveal Himself to you in the middle of the ordinary moment in life, when He sees that you are focusing on Him because you want to. 

John 15 says that if you will abide in Him and His Word, and He abides in you, you can do anything. You can overcome anything. Your prayers will be answered because your prayers will be aligned to Him. Jesus doesn’t want you to just learn about Him, study some stories, post some Scripture and throw up some prayers. He wants a relationship with YOU. That’s the kingdom encounter you need to pursue. 

It’s called: abiding. 

Are you allowing religious activities to take the place of abiding in Christ?