Stalled - Hope And Help For Pastors

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“I thought I’d be there by now,” I confessed to my friend Tony Morgan several minutes into our conversation about leadership issues. I had never dared to express this thought out loud before. But it was true … wherever there was. I felt as though I hadn’t accomplished enough. But after blurting out my thoughts with such gut-level honesty, my life started to change.

Unintentionally I had subscribed to the false belief that success was directly related to building something huge and meaningful for the masses. Why don’t I have a large church yet? I wondered. There must be something wrong with me as a person and a leader.

Maybe your current experience in ministry could best be described as stalled. Has the stress from thinking you would be there by now caused you to adopt the look of the leader who doesn’t know what to do next? You know...that look.

Can we be honest with each other? 

Really honest? 

How would you respond if we were having coffee face to face today and I mentioned that you have that look? Would you be embarrassed or defensive? Maybe you would try to steer the conversation in a different direction. You could begin to point out my flaws, of which there are many, by the way. Or you might agree with my assessment but have no real intention of dealing with it.

My problem was comparison, and it tormented me. I had allowed myself to view the success of others as a measure of whether I believed I was a success or a failure. In hindsight, it’s easy to see where I got off-track. Maybe yours is too.

By admitting I thought I’d be there by now, I allowed Jesus to unveil the false beliefs behind the shame I had lived under continuously. Can you relate? Maybe your story is similar. If so, I understand.

Friend, please stop giving up on yourself. Don’t quit. I promise there is hope, healing, and restoration waiting for you. Now that you are willing to confront your situation, let’s work together to get you moving forward along the path that Jesus has for you. You have so much fruitfulness waiting for you in the days ahead.