No Matter What Comes Through Those Doors

Day 1 of 4 • This day’s reading


Think About It 

Jesus’ description of what was coming was far from “The Best Day Ever.” He didn’t give a picture of sunny days and good vibes. Instead, He talked about His followers being killed and feeling grief. Jesus didn’t even give much of a solution. He only warned them about what to expect. 

Clear expectations help us prepare so we can stay engaged. That is why we check Rotten Tomatoes before watching a new movie or visit Yelp before eating at a new restaurant. We want to know what we are getting ourselves into. If others say it isn’t very good, we might watch another movie or eat somewhere else. If nothing else, we can at least lower our expectations so we aren’t disappointed with the experience. We can change the experience or our expectations if we know what’s coming. 

Jesus loves you too much to let you wander into a storm. He gives clear expectations. Living as a fair-weather fan doesn’t fit with following Jesus. At some point, a storm will show up outside the front door, and as a sold-out follower, Jesus wants you to be prepared. 

Live It Out 

  • Listen to the song “I Will Follow” by Vertical Worship. Reflect on the words. What do you feel? Which lyrics resonate with you? Why? 

  • Tell God what you cannot handle. Be honest with Him about how you feel and where you need help.