Practice Meditating on God’s Word

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


Skimming this meditation?

How quickly can you skim through this devotional to work out whether it’s worth reading? 

We skim-read because we are busy: constantly bombarded with emails, messages, social media, advertising. So we go for 1.5x speed, glancing through, trying to glean the important bits of information.

All this means that really reading and thinking deeply about what the Bible says does not come naturally. It takes deliberate effort to slow down and read each word, to feel the emotion, the suspense and the climax. This is why we need to learn how to meditate on God’s word.

The Bible teaches us how to slow down and think deeply about God’s commands in Proverbs 2 v 1-6. I’ve summarised this in five steps: Lord | Look | Turn | Learn | Live

Meditation is not about clever techniques but about calling out to the LORD for wisdom. As we LOOK carefully, we will find treasure, and our hearts will TURN to love God as we should. If we LEARN what we’ve read, we can LIVE it out throughout our whole day. 

We’ll go through one step per day, and then put that step into practice by meditating on the first verse in the Bible – “In the beginning, God created…”

For today, slowly (0.5x speed!), prayerfully and carefully read Proverbs 2 v 1-6. Worship the Lord for what you learn about him through it.

How to meditate on God’s word: Lord | Look | Turn | Learn | Live