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The condition of man is to react to that which is visible. The consolation of God is to give him hope and prepare him for what is invisible. Sometimes when we go to God in prayer, we must trust the outcome before making our petition. We must believe in his authority.

•Believing in authority takes humility. When you bow down, you earn the right to ask others to follow you.

• Asking for help takes belief. Know that you may not have all the answers. 

• Humbling yourself shows love - unconditional love for those you lead. 


It is during the times of greatest despondence that we must focus on the most remarkable dependence. The state of our might in this world does not determine the fate of our fight. Only humble acknowledgment that our worries and cares are placed at the feet of the one who seeks and saves. 

On a recent trip to Albania's country during the beginning days of the pandemic, I found myself believing in my position and prominence as the reason for my being there. Due to various events, I suddenly found myself in my hotel room the night before leaving without my passport. Not having my identification brought my physical presence to my knees and my emotional state in complete disarray. Reassurance came by a phone call from a  man who had found my document pouch in another city. Suddenly the voice of heaven reminded me that my identity was in Him. I was afraid of being abandoned because I had lost the earthly documentation, but my Savior never let me go. He reminded me that He was in control of my coming and going and that I needed to believe that He would ensure I was safe if He needed me to do His work. The ones who found my passport accepted the reward reluctantly. Their words of assurance where simply, “We are good people.“ 

If you want solace and peace, believe in the one who can hear and heal.