Jesus Over 2020

Jesus Over 2020

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We rely too much on surface impressions. We’ve always been told, “Don’t  judge a book by it’s cover”. But we do that in life. We look at what is immediate. If it’s good, then I’m good. If it’s bad, then everything is going down the tubes. We habitually anchor our lives to our external circumstances. 

An anchor determines stability. The tighter the rope holding an anchor, the more secure. If the anchor moves, then the boat drifts and you have no influence over the direction. The boat is at the mercy of the waves, or the world. 

We also need an anchor, one that does not move. Our lives can feel untethered and we don’t drift towards a better life. We drift towards more destruction. More anxiety. More despondency. 

Hebrews 6:19 tells us that hope in Jesus is an anchor for our soul. It keeps us from drifting. It gives us influence over our direction. We need a hope that can anchor us. Ask a Covid patient, or any person battling sickness, and they will tell you: if your soul abandons hope, your body gives up the fight. Through any difficulty, if you hang on to hope, you hang on to your future.

Faith and hope look forward. We hope because our hearts are made for eternity. Forward is our destiny, so we have to look where we are going. This hope is what grounds us in today’s reality, while at the same time anchoring us in the future. 

Hope demands a fight, but it delivers your future. 

Our hope is more than surviving in 2020, more than eating at a restaurant or flying maskless on an airplane. Our hope for 2020 is that it would deliver glory to the One who rules over all of time—Jesus. He is our anchor. 


What is your hope in? 

What if you could live with a belief that God is always good?

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Jesus Over 2020

Is Jesus over 2020? Do you think he is more powerful? If you put Jesus and 2020 in a boxing ring, who comes out the champion? Jesus is greater than everything.

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