Be Kind To Your Mind

Be Kind To Your Mind

DAY 1 OF 5

Share How You Feel

When we come to Jesus, he’s ready to help us. He’s ready for the REAL us. He’s able to address how we feel— big or small. Nothing is too dark, bad, or scary for Jesus. His goal is to address us and renew our minds. If we sin, he will allow us to repent and be restored. If it’s tiredness and weariness, he will give us rest. Whatever we need, Jesus is willing to give. 

Sharing how we feel is the starting point to getting help. When we withhold how we feel, it can be harmful in the long run. Repressed feelings are stored in our mind and life’s circumstances can cause emotions to surface. This can happen in the form of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, burnout, etcetera. 

Dealing with emotions can be difficult, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. I’ve been there. During those times, it is important to share those emotions with God and others. We need to share our thoughts and feelings in the moment even if we think they are invalid. Here’s why: It allows us to be authentic, and as a result, we find the answer(s) or relief we need. If the shared thoughts and feelings are invalid, they can be corrected. If they are accurate, they can be comforted and helped. Either way, we receive what is needed in the moment. 

To start a journey of getting well, we have to be willing to accept help. When we accept God’s goodness and the goodness of our community (friends/family/church), we allow love to cover our sins and drive out fear. To experience this love, we have to speak up.

When burnout caused me to suffer mentally, fear caused me to withhold all my thoughts and feelings. As a result, things became worse, my thoughts got loud, and symptoms spiked. After suffering in silence for weeks, I sent a text to friends and family to share my experience. Immediately after, they began to show up for me in a real way. Within an hour, two friends were there to sit with me and help me through. This taught me the importance of sharing how I feel. It allowed God to show up through those who love me. 

Today, remind yourself that someone loves me. I will share how I feel. I will speak up. 

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