Living Word


SEED - aren’t seeds amazing things? Some are so small you could be forgiven for dusting them away. Yet they possess all the necessary information out of which a huge tree or plant will grow. Just think that the greatest tree you’ve seen in a forest had its origin somewhere as a seed, and those orange seeds that you discard have the potential to reproduce hundreds more oranges! Jesus told a parable about his ministry and how the message of the kingdom is just like seed. That seed lands in various environments as it is generously scattered throughout the countryside.  Seeds are unbelievably resilient, possessing a life-source just waiting for the right time but their usefulness comes only when buried and hidden. The wise farmer knows they must plant the seed and then wait for the harvest. God’s word is a seed that carries eternal salvation. It possesses all the potential to accomplish God’s work in those who receive it and retain it. It carries divine DNA to produce a life in accordance with the Creator’s design.  

How have you seen the word of the kingdom produce something in your life?