Habakkuk – The Man Who Asked Questions

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Day 1 - Let’s Meet Habakkuk

Do you ever have questions you would like to ask God?

This is the story of Habakkuk, the man who asked God questions during difficult times. He was a prophet of the bible who lived many years ago. His name means “to wrestle” and was a good name for this man who wrestled with many difficult questions in his lifetime.

Habakkuk was a musician and a prophet. He wrote the book in the Bible that is called by his name many years ago when God’s people were facing a big and ferocious enemy called the Babylonians.

Habakkuk liked to sing and so he put his words to music so others could sing them to God. The words and the songs he wrote encouraged God’s people and can encourage us too when we go through difficult times that are hard to understand.

Now, back in Habakkuk’s time, the king over God’s people had reminded everyone to worship God and obey His word. Good King Josiah helped turn people’s hearts to the Lord and life was very, very good.

But when he died, his wicked son took the throne. Many of God’s people turned from God and became wicked too. God loves his people, and when they turn away from him, it makes him sad.

And, because God is righteous and holy, he punishes the wicked with hopes that they will recognize how badly they’ve acted and turn their hearts back to Him.

Have you ever done something bad? Did your mommy or daddy discipline you? They love you very much, and when they discipline you, they hope you will turn from doing bad things and love and obey God again.

Let’s pray: Dear God, thank you for your loving discipline. Help me to love and obey you all the days of my life! In Jesus name I pray, amen!