eKidz Devotional: All About Character

Day 4 of 4 • This day’s reading


Have you ever eaten something unhealthy — or maybe even something you thought was kind of gross — because you were SO HUNGRY and it was the easiest thing to grab? Or have you rushed through your homework and ended up getting a bad grade on it because there was something more fun you wanted to do instead? When we’re impatient, we don’t always make the wisest choices.

In today’s Bible story, the younger son didn’t want to wait until the proper time to inherit his part of his father’s wealth — he wanted it right then. As soon as he got it, instead of pausing to think carefully about what he should do with all that money, he ran off and wasted every cent of it. Before long, he was poor, starving, and full of regret.

The younger son was lucky because the consequences of his impatience didn’t last too long. When he went back to his father and admitted his mistake, he was immediately welcomed back into his father’s home. But if he had been patient and waited until he was older and more mature to receive his money, he would have had his own wealth to enjoy, and he wouldn’t have had to go through that painful time in his life.

Dex, River, and Darius have been waiting a long time to re-form the Heart of the Universe, and in the final episode of “The Last Portal?,” they’ve almost accomplished their goal. However, any mistakes they make at this point could have SERIOUS consequences. Check out this clip to hear how an impulsive decision puts Darius in a dangerous situation:


It’s a good thing Dex realized how important it was to slow down for a minute so they could make a better plan. When we’re patient, we make better decisions. Be sure to listen to the finale of “The Last Portal?” so you can find out if their patience pays off!

Ask yourself: When are some times it’s hard for you to be patient? What’s something you’re having to be patient about now?

Challenge yourself: Be patient. Patience means trusting that God will give you His blessings at just the right time, even if it means you have to wait for it. So when you think you want your dinner RIGHT NOW, remind yourself that it will taste better when it’s seasoned and cooked the right way (and your mom will be happier when you don’t keep bugging her!). When you think you’re going to lose your mind if you have to listen to your neighbor tell that story for one more minute, pause and remember how important it is for people to feel heard and valued. Teach yourself to be patient so you can make godly decisions that show off your legendary character.

Pray: God, thank You for helping me find patience when it isn’t easy. Teach me how to slow down and think before I act so I can make godly choices. In Jesus’ name, amen.