33 Day Men’s Challenge



The LORD will march out like a mighty man, like a warrior he will stir up his zeal; with a shout he will raise the battle cry and will triumph over his enemies. (Isaiah 42:13)

As men created in the image of the Mighty Warrior himself we are called to respond to the battle cry, ready ourselves and step onto the battlefield.

But so many men are either unaware of the battle or unprepared.

If this were a physical battle, we’d be up and ready—fighting for our lives. 

But because the battle is primarily unseen, many Christian men are asleep, unaware of the fight raging around them. Many are wilting or dying emotionally, spiritually, or relationally every day from a lack of purpose, direction, or discipline. 

During our 33 Day Challenge, we’ll be returning to our original purpose to live as warriors in the Way of Christ.

Each day we will look at FIVE AREAS:
The Warrior’s Creed: “Obey heaven, serve people, conquer self and crush evil”

We obey heaven as we know God as Father, Master, and Friend and walk with Him daily. Christ is formed in us as we serve people, and develop deep connections with our brothers. The frontline of this battlefield is the mind, and through full repentance we learn what it means to conquer self, experience transformation of our minds, and deep healing of our hearts. We partner with the Holy Spirit to crush evil works of darkness, enforce Christ’s victory, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Master's Word: We will use rhythm and music to daily memorize the words of the Master and keep them on our lips throughout the day.

The Truth challenge: We will ask each other the most direct and difficult questions we can to take honest stock of our lives and make the necessary changes.

The Response Challenge: We will take notes, and if possible, share openly with our warrior brother.

The Physical Challenge: We will challenge ourselves to respond both physically and practically, and make changes to our lifestyle as the Master shows us the need.

There is nothing magic about 33 minutes or 33 days; but there is something powerful when a man makes choices to change, and humbles himself with other brothers to build life-changing habits. Let’s work daily for 33 days to build that consistency.

Do it with a Brother

You can try the challenge alone, but to get the most out of it we recommend you do it with a brother; you will develop trust and deeper connections as you share and support one another through the process.

And today’s suggested response is simply this:

Pray and ask the Master if there is one other man with whom you can do the 33 Day Challenge together. Contact him and invite him to do it with you.

To the battle!


Weekly Connect Time

On the YouVersion Bible Plan we introduce the daily content. If possible, we also encourage you to connect weekly with your warrior brother, either in person or online, and take time to share what God has been showing you, and pray for each other.

Warrior Training Weekends
Towards the end or shortly after the 33 Day Challenge, we recommend holding a Warrior Training Weekend with a small group of men. We believe that this time away can be a breakthrough for many men and set them on a powerful journey of growth. Please visit the website at the end of the program for more information.