eXtreme Devotion: Good from Evil

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eXtreme verses

“Bible verses remain true, even if the devil quotes them.” 

Originally, the Communist’s idea was to ridicule the Christian Bible, to make such a mockery of it that no self-respecting person would believe it. To carry out the plan, millions of books were printed, including The Comical Bible and The Bible for Believers and Unbelievers. The books made fun of Jesus, called into question His miracles, and ridiculed other aspects of the Christian faith. But the criticisms were so outrageous that no one took them seriously. Countless verses of Scripture were inserted into the text as “proof” in the Communists’ minds of the fallacy of the book. Members of the underground church snatched up copies of these “comic” books as fast as they were printed. The verses that were quoted in the books were a smorgasbord of delights to those who were spiritually famished. And all of it was legal, printed by their own God-hating government. Just as the ravens fed Elijah when he was hungry, so God used government printing houses to feed His starving children in Communist nations. The publishers were delighted to receive thousands of letters asking for reprints of the books. They quickly rolled the presses to print more copies. Little did they know those letters came from believers who wished to distribute the precious books full of God’s words to other underground church members.

Is it that important to send Bibles into restricted nations? Read the stories of the martyrs and decide. In a nation where Bibles are sold at garage sales for a quarter, we cannot really appreciate the experience of those in a spiritual famine. While we might stack Bibles on the coffee table for display, other believers clamor for a single copy to share among an entire church. 

God, revive our own hunger for Scripture and for getting the Word out to those who are already starving! 

Consider how you might help support Bible distribution in restricted nations today.