Trusting God During a Crisis

Day 1 of 10 • This day’s reading


One week into the latest crisis, I sat up at 4:00 am filled with anxious thoughts. The “what ifs” started pouring in. The “if onlys” came right after. Following the intermission of this heart-racing play was the third act, “Now what?” I grabbed my pen and began to listen.

Speak, Lord, I am listening.

Where are You in this crisis?

What are You doing?

Do you see our fears?

What do You want us to know?

Opening the Bible that stays on the pillow next to me, I began to search, read, dig, and search some more. Moses had much to say. Peter also chimed in. The history of Judah gave insight, as well as David in the Psalms.

What did God’s Word do? What does it always do? My anxiety subsided. My heart slowed to its normal rhythm. My thoughts were filled with peace. God’s counsel and guidance from His Word once again led me to trust in the unchanging character and love of our Father.

Trusting God During a Crisis arose from these moments. This plan leads you to consider God’s truth while facing your fears, hardships, or disappointments. The chosen passages enable you to find hope amidst your current situations. The reading of God’s Word becomes personal and insightful, giving you a greater taste of the truth—He indeed, is with you. I hope that you will be blessed by this plan and will learn to trust Him during a crisis. – Joan

Today and for the next four days, focus on Psalm 91:1-4.  Each day read the Scripture, pray for understanding, and answer the questions. Consider using a journal to record your thoughts. 

List the fears, hardships, or disappointments you have today. 

After reading the passage, what are your general observations? 

What can you learn about the character of God?