I'm Not Slowing Down

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The Holy Spirit is trying to cultivate and grow good things in our lives in this season. When we live our lives, led and fed by the Holy Spirit, we know that he is going to bring those good things to fruition. Our lives are meant to help others experience the love and abundance of Christ. We are meant to produce the fruit of the Spirit, similar to the way an orchard works. No one wants to go to an orchard that has old, dried, and rotten fruit. Rather, our lives should be like orchards that have the sweetest, ripest fruit that is easy to pick and sweet to taste. When people are around us as Christians, they should be able to experience the sweetness of the fruit that is abundant in our lives.


What am I producing an abundance of in this season? Is it the fruit of the spirit or is it something else? Write it down and pray for God to produce fresh spiritual fruit in your life.