Suit Up

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Secret Agent, Welcome to Your Mission

Hello, secret agent. It’s good to have you reading this Bible Plan. 

Wait, you don’t think you’re a secret agent? Someone who has special gear to help you solve secret missions and fight evil? 

Well, that’s where you’re wrong! 

If you’re a follower of Jesus, you’re just like a secret agent. 

You know what’s good (truth): God is good and His ways are always good. 

You know what’s evil (lies): Anything that’s different from what God says is good and true. You’re just like a secret agent who is on a mission to fight a battle against an invisible world of evil and boost God’s love and His invisible world of goodness everywhere you go. 

Oh, and the special gear? Yeah, you’ve got that, too! God’s given you special gear to protect you and help you fight evil with truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and salvation. 

You’ll learn more about that special gear in your Bible reading today. 

And where’s the battle? If you’re not already sitting down, you should probably sit down now. 

The biggest battle between good and evil is usually hidden and may be taking place inside your own mind right now. (See? It’s a lot to take in.) 

The battle is so often between walking in and believing God’s truth or walking in and believing anything that falls outside God’s truth. Remember our definition of evil? Gulp. If you believe, for example, that you’re just a loser and start feeling down on yourself—then you’re actually believing and walking in evil. Lies are never part of God. Lies are always evil.

But watch this video to see how God’s truth is so much more powerful than evil lies! 

“Don’t ever let the devil talk you out of doing what God created you to do.” Did you hear that at the end of the video? That’s a powerful statement. Follow God’s path, and you’re walking with what’s good! That’s your mission. Remember your gear, and you’re ready to live out your mission to love God, love yourself, love others, and fight evil wherever it tries to hide. 

Ask yourself: Are there any lies I sometimes believe about myself or about others? 

Challenge yourself: Grab some paper and something to write with. Now, jot down any lies you thought of that you sometimes believe. Examples: I’m unloved, I’m a failure, God could never use someone like me, that person is just no good, etc. Next, crumple up that paper and throw it away. You’re not falling for lies. You’re walking in God’s truth!

Pray: God, thank You for helping me walk in Your truth and fight evil—even when it’s invisible like a lie inside my own mind. You are stronger than evil. Light is stronger than darkness. You always win, so I choose to walk with You forever! In Jesus’ name, amen.