The Book of Lamentations

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The hearts of the people cry out to the Lord. You walls of Daughter Zion, let your tears flow like a river day and night; give yourself no relief, your eyes no rest. (Lamentations 2:18) 

People generally cry out in their sleep from a bad dream or when they are getting a surprise—winning something, losing something valuable and loved, venting anger, and so on.

This is what happened when Israel—a place once admired, became a pride of its inhabitants. It became empty, forgotten, desolate, and barren. The Prophet, Jeremiah, saw this situation and poured out his heart to the Lord and asked the people of Israel to mourn for the land of Israel.

Sometimes the situation in front of our eyes makes us scream, but our cry should not be a cry without hope. We can cry out to the Lord who can help and open the way for the situation before us.

God is touched by the cry of someone who comes to Him with a broken heart. This is called lamentation before the Lord. Maybe we lament for our problems, our families, our cities, our generation, our nation, and even the condition of nations. Our hearts cannot bear to see it. Our hearts are hurt and broken. 

When our prayers are raised with tears, God is going to see and hold every drop of our tears. He understands our feeling as we pour out our hearts to Him. He cares about what we feel.

Our Lord Jesus understands our hearts the most. He hears our cry and gives us strength and help.