Her Story: Encouragement for Women in Business

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Day #1: Restored for Great Works 

You can’t have a testimony without a test. You have probably heard that saying, or some variation of it, a thousand times. Most of us don't think about what it really means until we find ourselves in the middle of a test. The fact is that difficulties are an inescapable part of every believer's life, especially the purpose-driven believer. 

In the bible, we see Abraham and Sarah navigating infertility for decades after a promise of a long lineage was given to them; we see Joseph’s purpose revealed then followed by years of obstacles; we see Job suffer tremendous loss, not as a punishment, but because he was called and favored by God; we see David ordained to be King, then running for his life. If I challenge you to think about someone in the bible who lived a life of purpose and did not have to go through a test, you won’t find even one. The common theme in all their lives is that their glory periods were preceded by intense testing periods.  

That is bad news and good news. The bad news is that, likewise, the test that comes with our God-given purpose will be uncomfortable, difficult, and in many ways, inevitable. If Christ Himself was not spared (Romans 8:32), how much more you and me? 

The good news is that we are in good company. If God has positioned you to endure a test, then He is developing virtues like faithfulness, self-control, gentleness, and patience that testing will produce to help you be a good steward over the good work He has in store. Like those before us, the story will not end with the test, but with a testimony. 

Reflection Questions: 

1. What is God currently trying to teach me through my circumstances? 

2. What was the last testimony that I shared that helped restore hope in someone else? Was it a flowery tale of a great time in my life, or was it about a time that God stepped in to help me overcome challenges in my life and in my work?