Trusting Your Team



In the Old Testament, some of God’s communicators were prophets who relayed his messages concerning missions, tasks, and status updates, as well as consequences, incentives, and rewards. Prophets are similar to ambassadors or liaisons. The Old Testament also contains poetry or songs, such as the books of Job or Psalms. These books teach us a great deal about the character of God, and how he interacts with his people. Studying the prophets and poetry of the Old Testament is important to have a deeper understanding of our Commander.

Day 01: Bear True Faith


Lord God, quiet my soul and open my mind and heart to receive your Word. Amen.


Job 42:1-17


Satan argued with God that Job was blameless only because God had blessed him with an abundance of possessions, good health, and a loving family. He contended that if these items were taken away, Job would deny God right to his face. So God permitted Satan to strip Job of all his material belongings, his livestock, and his family. Job remained faithful to God. God then allowed Satan to inflict Job with immense physical pain, but he would not allow Satan to kill him. As Job struggled with heartbreaking loss and pain, his friends and wife told him to curse God. However, Job was steadfast and would not listen to them. He continued to be faithful to God. Why did God tell Job's friends that he would not answer their prayers? Why did he say he would answer Job's prayers? In what ways has God blessed me?


Father, I know you care for me. When I go through difficult times or face tough challenges, I know I can trust you to get me through. Thank you. Amen.