7 Days With Jesus & Your Newborn

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  In God We Trust 

Your baby is a gift from God.: a gift so precious, vulnerable, and dependent, yet yours to mold.  You were specifically chosen to birth and nurture this child because God believed in you.  The almighty God chose you to parent this child.  So, you can trust Him to supply all you need to raise your child.  You can trust God to provide both material and immaterial things (good food, clothes, wisdom, and sound health) that your newborn needs.  Trust God to teach you to love and understand this new member of your family.

As first-time parents, my spouse and I learned to trust God.  I was in pain after an unplanned C-section, my breast milk supply was low, my spouse was scheduled to travel for work a week after our baby arrived, and our relatives lived thousands of miles away.  We needed help!  We asked God to help us and He did.  My C-section incisions healed faster than expected, my breast milk supply increased, church friends brought food, our health insurance company approved in-home assistance, we got a midwife for a month, and a friend living in France took a week off work to stay with me.

God made many things fall in place for my family.  He does not love my family better than he loves your family.  Does God love your newborn more than you could ever love your newborn? Yes.  It is easy to trust someone who loves us, and there is no one better to trust than God.  Ask God for help and He will show you what you need to do.  You will receive the help you need at the right time.  God is the master planner.  You can trust Him to equip you with all you need to take care of your newborn.

Prayer: God, we thank you for this gift.  We ask for wisdom, favor, and strength to raise this child in Jesus name.  Amen.