Rear Guard

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"Guard of All"

In life we will experience challenging situations in which our faith is tested. During those times we must remember exactly who our Heavenly Father truly is. God is our ultimate protector, provider, refuge, strength and safeguard. When you engage in God’s word and recall how he delivered many individuals during their challenging situations, don’t forget that he is the same GOD who will guard and deliver you. God is concerned about every detail of your life. God is aware of every trial you will and have experienced in your future, present, past and HE is your guard on all fronts.

Remember that GOD not only goes before us, HE is presently with us, and is concerned about what is going on behind us. There is no need to lack courage, be afraid, panic or tremble before our enemies or any situation that is used as a weapon to harm us. Our impenetrable Guard is the one who goes with us to fight against our enemies to save us (Deuteronomy 20: 3-4). If there was ever anyone who truly loved you and had your back, ponder on the truth that GOD does. Thank the LORD for being your rear guard!

Gracious Father, Thank you for your grace and mercy. I thank you that you hear and answer me every time I call. I am grateful that you are concerned about me and I have nothing to worry about because not only are you ahead of me and with me, LORD you are watching what goes on behind me and fighting my battles. Thank you LORD that you are my rear guard, safe guard and guard of all. Thank you. In Jesus name, Amen.