Becoming A Well-Watered Woman In A Parched World


 How Are You—Really? 

If someone were to ask you how you’re doing, what would you say? Most of us default to something like “Good” or “Fine” or maybe even “Good but tired.” But chances are, you’re also a tad (okay, a lot) overwhelmed, you have a long to-do list, and you’re physically, emotionally, and spiritually weary.

“Good” or “fine” is what we say when we don’t want someone to see what’s really going on inside. We’re trying to move the conversation on to the next thing while ignoring the fact that we’re being tossed around by the circumstances of our lives. The truth is, we live most of our days in between where “fine” meets exhausted, rushed, tired, and at the end of ourselves. 

So how are you right now, really? Are you being tossed around by the stress of never-ending to-do lists? By despair and hopelessness? By self-pity and comparison? By piles of dirty dishes that seem to yell, “You are not in control!” or by the pressure to do better and achieve more?

If we have rooted ourselves in the shallow soil of this world—in what we do and what we can accomplish in life—we will struggle to survive the storms. Only when we’re rooted in Christ can we experience a life that is real, secure, and free. 

When our roots run deep in God’s goodness and steadfast love, nothing can shake us or break us forever. His goodness and unfailing love hold us together when life is falling apart. When we’re not okay, we remember that our attitudes of praise are dependent not on the ease of our circumstances but on the fact that God is good—period. 

We embrace the realities of living in a fallen world while being deeply rooted in the infallible Word of God. These roots cannot be pulled out of the soil. They grow deeper and deeper day by day. In the moments when things are not okay, those roots keep us grounded in the truth we already know. 

Hold fast to the Word of God, and it will hold fast to you. Living a well-watered life doesn’t mean always being okay. It does mean you’re always growing more attached to Jesus and less attached to this world. Even in the daily, unseen moments, the Gardener is tending your soul and making you whole.  

So wait with hope. One day, everything will be better than okay in him. Until then, let the thorns and thistles of life thrust you closer to him and pierce your heart with gospel truth.

Conversation Starter: If you were to answer truthfully how you’re doing right now, what would your answer be? Do you really feel fine, or is life weighing you down? 

Getting Started: Make a plan to spend time in God’s Word regularly so you can become more deeply rooted in truth.