Real Hope: Walking in Wisdom

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The Path to Wisdom

There was a song in 1991 by the Canadian band, Crash Test Dummies, called Comin’ Back Soon. It starts with these words: “I’ve all my wisdom teeth, two up top, two beneath, and yet I’ll recognize my mouth says things that aren’t so wise.”

We want to be wise, to know things, to have the answers, but it’s not always so clear what to do or say or when to say or do it. So where can we obtain wisdom? The first place is to turn to God’s Word, the Bible. It’s how He speaks with us and how we know what He wants us to do and be a part of His people. As we get to know His Word, we see its delight and we understand what it means to follow Him.

As we know God better and deepen our relationship with Him, we grow in our wisdom. Even as this happens, it still seems hard to feel that we can be wise. Walking in wisdom is about knowing God and seeking His counsel for all parts of our lives. It’s important to do this, not just when things are difficult, but equally so when things are cruising. 

When we’re seeking the way forward or encountering a dilemma, God’s Word can guide. Knowing God’s Word will instill in us confidence with His presence in our lives and the comfort it brings. God isn’t always going to provide an obvious or immediate answer, but by searching Him out we can act in a wise way.

This is wisdom, to be familiar and comfortable with God’s Word so that we know Him and His will for our lives.

Written by David Barker