I Depend

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More Than Enough

Abraham had lived a few years of silence, time without hearing the voice of God. He had received a promise from him that had not yet been fulfilled.

Impatiently, he tried to carry out what God had promised, but in his own way: he had a son with one of the servants of his household. It was after using his own methods that God appeared to him and said, "It's not about what you want, but what I want for your life.

Did you notice that Abraham was ninety-nine years old when he received the promise from God? Ninety-nine!

Some people are only seventy years old and believe that God has already finished with them. But it's not like that, he hasn't even started.

Years ago I had an encounter with God that marked a before and after in my life. I was dependent on substances to have a good time. My mentality was that if I didn't get high, I couldn't have any fun. It was a lie that I bought for years, and that led me to become an addict. But from the moment I met Jesus, my life drastically changed, and today my dependence is on Him alone.

In the Bible, there are so many names that God uses to communicate different aspects of His character and power. Time and again, He presents Himself in different ways to speak to the characters in the season that they are in.

When God spoke to Abraham, He said, "I am the Almighty God. I love that the Lord enters the scene with that important statement, because Abraham had just had a son by his servant, wanting to fulfill the promise of being "father of multitudes" by himself.

This was a moment of uncertainty in Abraham's life, when he wanted to take the reins of his life. In Hebrew "God Almighty" is translated as "El Shaddai", and means "more than enough". It is a reminder that God is the source of every blessing.

When we live with the revelation that God is more than enough, we know that in any situation or at any stage of our life, we can depend on Him. In good times and not so good times, in waiting and in abundance. God is more than enough.

Who do you depend on? Yourself? Other people or things? Do you depend on God?