Through The Eyes Of A Lion

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The Naked Eye

Every moment of every day, you are in an invisible battle that ever rages on. As real as the ancient ones you read about in history class and as current as the clips shown on the evening news, it’s as bloody as the French Revolution and as sinister as a suicide bombing. This is not something that could happen someday—it’s happening right now. You’ve heard of the War of the Roses? This is the War of the Lenses.

Will we trust what we can see is there, or believe what God says is there? It’s a decision we are continually confronted with.

Making the choice to see the invisible is not always dramatic. Sometimes it’s low-key, and that’s when it can be the most difficult. Trials have a way of splashing cold water on our faces and rousing us from sleep. It is much easier to slip into cruise control when the sun is out and the birds are chirping. For every person who has been destroyed by suffering, there are probably ten who have been wrecked by success. Trust me when I say this: the issue isn’t whether your life is going well or falling apart; the question is, what makes you so sure you can tell the difference? Things are seldom as they appear.