God's Story: Part Two

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Daily Discipline

Reading the Bible is important for everyone, but it isn't as easy as reading just any book. The words in your Bible were inspired by the Holy Spirit, so to get the most out of your Bible, you will need the Holy Spirit's help. Here is a daily discipline that will help you build a solid foundation for reading and understanding God's word:

  • Pray.

    • Before reading the main Scripture(s) for today, pray, and ask the Holy Spirit to speak life into you over the next few minutes.

  • See it. 

    • Read the passage. What sticks out to you? What are your thoughts or questions? It may be helpful to highlight or underline words or phrases that seem important or even confusing to you.

  • Slow it down.

    • Read the passage again, but take your time. Now what sticks out? Is it something new? Is it the same as last time? It is also helpful to write down or type out your thoughts and questions.

  • Speak it out.

    • Read the passage one more time, but out loud this time. Now take just a few minutes and ask God what he is trying to speak to you. Expect that he will speak to you through your conscience, thoughts in your mind, pastors, teachers and even some of your friends.

  • Respond.

    • Thank God for always having time for you. Ask him to open your heart to continually hear from him throughout the rest of the day.


(This section is here to put action behind your reading. On some days, your reading will be enhanced by "exercising" what you just read)

Dive Deeper

(If you want to spend some more time getting to know God through His Word, check out the optional passages and/or resources that will appear here on some days)

Optional passages: Psalm 78:5-8; Matthew 5:19; 2 Timothy 3:1-5